Monday, January 9, 2012

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Each place your
by Mafalda Veiga

I know every place your color
laced into me, every place I
I try to understand the direction 
that life makes us take
I try to forget the hurt
save only what is good to keep

Think of me ... protects what I give you
I think of you and give you the best that I am
without defenses that make me fail
more in this place
where only reaches those who are not 
afraid of sinking

It is in me that now the time hurts
how to pull up everything that has been
and even what's coming up and what I dreamed
tells me that you will save and hold
everything I gave you

Even if life change our senses
the world and take us away from us
one day and that time seems lost
and everything just falls apart in a gesture

I'll save every place your
anchored at each place my
and today it just makes me believe
I'll get to you
where only reaches those who are not 
afraid of sinking.

= = = = = = =

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