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Oceanarium KOCHI
Kerala India

The Oceanarium is a device that aims to be the new symbol of the city of Kochi, with the heart of the region of Kerala, a leading equipment dedicated to education and to explore the regional sea of Oman, and Lakshadweep Islands and tropical Indian Ocean as a whole.
With the main theme of protection of the marine environment is now the key issue for sustainable development for generations to come. Threatened by pollution and the collapse of marine resources, the oceans have become a global issue and India, powerful state in the Indian Ocean, has an important contribution to make in preserving its ecology and resources to ensure development social development in its coastal populations.

To protect the ocean, we need to protect rivers, lakes and canals. The design depicts the various natural environments, tropical vegetation, the coastal plain ... tropical reefs - and help with aquariums and ponds vision underwater to witness the extraordinary diversity of the underwater kingdom with its colors , its forms and the exuberance of the coral gardens.

Outside the buildings, an educational trail estpropos� to allow the discovery of water basins with small boats through a mangrove park reconstituted Walking on Water will be complemented by a landscaped path laid out and covered in the park (music, water fountains, lights ...). It will allow visitors to visit the surroundings in a peaceful atmosphere. The canal network link to some of the theme pavilions and will mainly a peaceful place for canoeing.

The entrance to the marine park located near the parking area and marked by a gateway and information from which develops a broad walkway sheltered form a box around the entire park. The main building emerges in the middle of a large landscaped area at the end of a large avenue (Fisherman Street) where music and water fountains will accompany visitors to the main hall. The path is dominated by the arches supporting huge sails stretched like the famous Chinese fishing nets as traditional strong symbol.

The Oceanarium is placed on a vast artificial lake that is divided into channels and each side in the grounds of the mangroves to the bottom of the main pavilion. A forum in the open air at the entrance of the park allows visitors to sit back and enjoy the view over the lake, pavilions and on the site. At the end of the street fishermen visitors can rent small rowing boats to make a nice walk around the park and water in the mangrove

Client: Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation
Team: Jacques Rougerie, SIGNS
Mission: Competition (winner)
Area: 50 acres


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