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If   I   have  any  special  gifts  or  talents,

it  is  because God gave them to me,


If   I  worked hard  to develop  any  skills or strengths,

it is  through  the  circumastances that God afforded me



What right then do I  have to consider myself any better

than my neighbor ?


What do I  own that is truly mine ?

What  do I own that is not from God ?


Humility  is a very Christian ideal.


We  hear  a  lot about love  and  respect and  pride,

and  equality  which are good things,

but  humility is not praised nearly  enough.


Maybe  because it's boring

maybe because it doesn't lend itself  to attention.


But  remember that it is humility  that allows us to,

admit  we are sinners and that we need Jesus Christ.




The  Beauty  Of  Humility



Your attitude should  be  the same as that of  Christ Jesus:

Who , being in very nature God,

did  not  consider  equality with God  something to be grasped,

but  made himself  nothing taking  the very nature of,

a servant  being made in human likeness...


And  being  found  in  appearance as a man,

he humbled himself  and  became obedient to death,

even death on a cross!

Phillippians 2- 5- 8





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