Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Never  Alone


Our  two  souls have known

Each  other  since  the beginning  of  time

We  are  so  much  a part  of   each  other

We  feel  each  other's  pains  and  joys

Iam  only  complete  when  you are near

Ever  thou  you have  traveled  far  away

To  a  place  I  can not  go yet

I   still   feel  your  presence  watching  over me

At  night  I  feel you holding me as I  dream

I  know  that you are awaiting my arrival

Yet as the new days dawns

And  this body holds  me prisoner  for still  another  day

I  mourn and  grieve  for your closeness

Your  tender  kindness  to sourround  me  once more

To   be  again  be entertwined  as  one  with  you

My  heart  and  soul  know  that  my  time  here

Is  nothing  but a drop  of   rain  in  the ocean

Compared  to the  eternity  that  we shall share  together

But   each  day  away  from  you my  love

Seems  to  me now as  a  humdred  years

I   hold  tight to the knowledge  that soon

We  shall  be  one again  forever

I  shall   shed  this  mortal body

Which   now  feels  such loss and  loneliness

And  I   will never be  alone again.


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Missings  You  Dear


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