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[] Your Horoscope For The Year 2012


Happy New Year
* Your Horoscope For The Year 2012
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Aries: March 21 -- April 19
Your year divides neatly into two parts. Until 3 July your ruler Mars is in tidy Virgo, which focuses on practicalities and triggers a worthwhile review of your life, habits, obligations and objectives. This results in a serious clear out of those activities and alliances that don`t work. This is coupled with a timely range of stunning ideas and offers. Explore everything, especially the unfamiliar. In some cases, decisions will be made on your behalf, occasionally by those you don`t respect. Or it may be you must accept unfair rules or regulations. Ordinarily you`d battle these. During 2012, forget such struggles, since what`s least expected could lead to amazing breakthroughs. Love and Relationships Changes during the year`s first half are unsettling. These introduce you to new people or settings or, alternatively, shake up existing alliances, personal or otherwise. Challenging as this is, what you experience and those you meet begin an exciting new chapter of your relationship life. Finances and Work Past investments could pay off or new and promising offers appear. Or both. Similarly, even disruptive changes in your work or lifestyle may be disruptive now but will be beneficial, financially and otherwise, in the long term. Take chances. You`ll never regret it. Health and Well Being Don`t mistake the ups and downs, physical, emotional or otherwise, triggered by the major and often thrilling changes streaming through your life as reason to worry. Still, take care of yourself. Instead of pushing as usual, take time to relax. Similarly, a healthy diet boosts your energy.
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Taurus: April 20 -- May 20
When the expansive Jupiter moved into Taurus in mid-2011, you began a year-long cycle of growth and good fortune. It not only remains in your sign until 11 June, during this period brilliant planetary activity involving Mars and Pluto, planet of transformation, introduces profitable if often unexpected developments. This leads to exploration, some enforced, some exciting but all worthwhile. Knowing that, consider everything, conscious that you won`t necessarily recognise what`s best until after the fact. During the year`s second half many of those encounters and experience pay off in new alliances, some personal, others involving practical matters but all promising remarkable returns. Love and Relationships Exciting as some of the changes streaming through your life are, they`re bound to be disruptive to your daily routine and established relationships. Try to be patient, since once practical Saturn moves to accent such matters in October, events will reveal what`s next. Finances and Work While some opportunities are clear cut, others aren`t as easily spotted. Knowing that, at least explore everything, even what seems unappealing or unrealistic. At minimum you`ll learn something; but you`ll be astonished who and what, ultimately, adds to your life; and amazingly. Health and Well Being The past few years have made you realise that feeling great requires looking after yourself, via exercise, diet or even nourishing relaxation. If you`ve turned this way of living into a habit, you`ll be feeling on top of the world. If not, there`s still time.
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Gemini: May 21 -- June 20
If you feel that, during the past year, you`ve been dealing with one challenging situation after another, that`s true. However, each was preparing you for the stunning period of growth that begins in on 11 June, when the expansive Jupiter, planet of opportunity, moves into Gemini for a twelve-month stay. Knowing this, regard every obstacle you face and overcome as being both informative and clearing the way for fast action from mid-year onward. Others may encourage you to plan. This is sensible; but with so much shifting in every area of your life, keep arrangements flexible, since what`s least likely could bring transformation, and possibly overnight. Love and Relationships Those already linked to others need to be patient and understand that change can cause tensions all around. Those seeking somebody special will find the year`s unexpected twists and turns offer exactly the variety of encounters necessary to make life more interesting, if not bring lasting romance. Finances and Work Because the way your life`s organised could change substantially during 2012, you`ll be reviewing practical and financial matters. Everybody will offer advice. However, listen only to those who`re able to spot promise in even unsettling situations. By late in the year everything will be appropriately reorganised. Health and Well Being Maintaining a routine when things are in transition isn`t easy. However, committing to activities that strengthen your body and relax your mind actually help restore calm when things are unsettled. Similarly, regarding food as medicine ensures you eat to suit you.
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Cancer: June 21 -- July 22
Since early 2010, you`ve been working to improve elements of your domestic life and activities out in the world. It`s required considerable effort but you`re now seeing results. This continues during the first half of 2012, although in some cases you must rethink your objectives. While this might seem a setback, what you learn and who you meet broadens your options in wonderful and quite unexpected ways. Tempting as it is to making a lasting arrangement, you`re actually preparing for the year of stunning growth that begins in mid-2013, when bountiful Jupiter moves into Cancer. The more you`ve decluttered your life and the more you explore now, the more you`ll benefit then. Love and Relationships You recognise certain demanding situations as paving the way for a happy future, so when challenged to justify your efforts, you know what to say; but often you simply smile, which is just as good a response. By the year`s close your strategy achieves stunning results. Finances and Work Some investments pay off swiftly; but those you`re making in your activities and finances are more about the long term. Not everybody agrees these are wise. Being a Cancerian, you`ll have investigated and will, therefore, be confident what you`re doing. That`s more than enough. Health and Well Being Stress can be an excuse to let go. While sometimes that`s OK, looking after yourself is as important as tending to others or to the range of obligations you`re responsible for. The trick is to achieve a balance between self-indulgence and self-discipline.
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Leo: July 23 -- August 22
During 2012, you`ll achieve more than you imagined possible, partly because circumstances draw you into unfamiliar and often unexpected situations. Some will be fun, others amusing but a few will profoundly change your thinking and your life; but you won`t know which is which at the time, thus must delve into absolutely everything, and in depth. There`s a huge emphasis on exploration, especially during the year`s first half. Regard this as an investment in yourself, financially, in terms of your wellbeing and achievements. True, some may seem too good to be true, and indeed, some may be; but if you`ve a wide range of options, there`ll be plenty to compensate for those that don`t work out. Love and Relationships You may not realise it as the changes take place, but your role in others` lives and what you expect from them is shifting, and rapidly. While this substantially alters the balance in all sorts of relationships, you soon discover those changes were long overdue. Finances and Work You don`t mind working hard, particularly if the activity is something you love; but you`ve been patient about getting feedback or compensation for long enough. It`s coming, although not until the year`s close. Once it does, you`ll be more than satisfied with the results. Health and Well Being Demands have been exhausting, so much that your resources are low. This could appear as fatigue, a short temper or lack of inspiration. Pause, rest and refuel. While you`ll need to do this often, the results will always be worth it.
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Virgo: August 23 -- September 22
In early November 2011 the planet of courage, and ego, Mars moved into Virgo for an unusually long period. During its stay, you`ll examine your life, considering what works, what doesn`t, as yet unrealised objectives and either make changes or plan them; and Mars fabulously featuring Jupiter and Pluto, which symbolises transformation, things will go brilliantly. However, that doesn`t always mean they`ll proceed as you planned, which means being flexible if not actually taking chances. This, combined with the shake-ups in the circumstances around you, indicated by eclipses on 20 May, 4 June and 28 November, indicated surprises, but of the variety that make this year a pivotal one. Love and Relationships Ordinarily others` welfare comes first; but with the time and thought the changes you`re undertaking require, you could feel guilty. If so, ignore such emotions. They do nobody, you or others, any good; but do acknowledge that with things changing, tensions are inevitable and will pass. Finances and Work Standing your ground for what you deserve may not be easy. In some situations this is an old issue, in others it`s new, but in every case persistence is essential. And, mostly, successful. Where it`s no, you discover other, more worthwhile, pursuits. Health and Well Being Maintaining discipline isn`t easy. So instead of struggling, adopt a more relaxed approach to wellbeing. Experiment with everything from fitness to your diet. What you learn, experience and encounter could benefit hugely during 2012 and, often, for years to come.
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Libra: September 23 -- October 22
By now you`ve undoubtedly realised that Saturn`s presence in Libra is about discovering a new way to deal with those closest; family, colleagues and, of course, loved ones; but most of all, it`s about achieving a new balance between the demands of others and your own needs, something that`s always been tricky. Add Mars` emphasis, during the year`s first half, on confronting situations that make you feel guilty and soon things look different. Enough that by midyear you`re rethinking existing arrangements and objectives you`ve regarded as unchanging. You begin asking "what`s good for me?" And you begin aiming higher than, previously, you`d imagined possible. Love and Relationships For years you`ve sidestepped certain matters for fear of causing upset. Only now do you begin to realise it`s you, not others, who`s worried about potential dramas. Obviously this transforms your thinking and, more importantly, revolutionises both existing relationships and those in the future. Finances and Work After a long, demanding and not particularly rewarding period, you`re seeking something better; but how? You`ll soon find what you want, although it may not be until the year`s close that you realise how certain once unprofitable arrangements could benefit you, and possibly others, too. Health and Well Being Often stressed Libra experience ill-health which masquerades as tummy bugs or pulled muscles, when all that`s needed is a break from worry. Learn this lesson during the year`s first half and you`ll feel years younger; and a lot happier, too.
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Scorpio: October 23 -- November 21
During early 2012 you`ll often feel you must defend your activities, views or objectives. However, what seem challenges are actually prompting you to question certain long cherished but perhaps out-moded beliefs or habits. This way, with both Mars, from 23 August -7 October, and then from 5 October, Saturn, in your sign and raising questions about your priorities and potential changes, you`re prepared to respond, and sometimes to begin actually making those changes. What initially seem challenges result in an exchange of ideas and, often, new and entirely unexpected activities. Out of character as saying `yes` to every ideas or offer seems, it ensures you bypass nothing of potential value. Love and Relationships Inevitably changes lead to tensions in close relationships. That`s been your justification for avoiding certain topics; but when forced to discuss these and various similar matters, things proceed more easily than anticipated. Reflect on this, as the year`s events require ongoing discussions. Finances and Work For too long you`ve been caught in restrictive situations. While you`ve achieved lots, there`s been no way out. During the year`s final months this escape appears, but in a very different form than you`d anticipated. Waste no time on questions. Pursue it, and let experience be your guide. Health and Well Being The tensions of this period of often unexpected transition could easily take their toll; but most of these involve your attempts to control situations that aren`t really yours to decide. Letting go isn`t easy but it the first step to regaining your zest for life.
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Sagittarius: November 22 -- December 21
A life devoted to details may not be your idea of fun; but what you learn with the uncompromising Pluto, your ruler Jupiter and Mars all in practical earth signs – the latter two for the year`s first half – and Pluto for much longer – balances your impulsive tendencies. True, at the time circumstances may seem unfair or restrictive; but what you learn, achieve or deal with more than compensates for a temporary loss of freedom or spontaneity. Ultimately, you begin to think bigger and aim higher in every area of your life, personally, in terms of relationships and your activities out in the world. Love and Relationships On 11 June, your ruler Jupiter moves to accent close alliances, personal and otherwise, and during its year there, you completely rethink this side of your life. Those you encounter and the realisation of how much you`ve been missing revolutionises your thinking. Finances and Work You`ve made choices based more on freedom or being true to your ideals than practicalities. Now, however, to your surprise, you realise you can combine both. This could mean adding new skills or approaching your existing life or activities differently. Whatever you must do, it will be worth it. Health and Well Being Most Sagittarians are born with abundant energy, something you`ve taken advantage of. Now it`s time to recognise that such gifts must be respected. This means rethinking how you eat, your fitness and, as important, ensuring that you get enough rest.
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Capricorn: December 22 -- January 19
If you`re feeling restless during the year`s first half, it`s no surprise. Events, many unexpected, are introducing you to new settings, ideas and pursuits. Typically you`d focus on what interests you; but somehow, you`ve held back and, correctly, your instincts tell you not to struggle. That`s because while elements of the world around you are shifting so, too, are your goals, personal and in terms of more worldly achievement. In November your ruler Saturn moves into a new position, triggering a series of events encourage a review of restrictions you`d once accepted. Soon you realise there`s much more to life; and you decide to pursue it. Love and Relationships Jupiter may be about good fortune, but changes it`s triggered in your closet of relationships may seem unsettling. That`s because the resulting shake-up will get you thinking about how things could be better and more passionate; and whether intriguing new options are worth pursuing. Finances and Work Your diligence is the envy of others; but it would appear you`ve been too careful and missed opportunities. Now, changes spur you to ask questions or explore changes. While you won`t necessarily make them, these get you thinking, which is what`s most important. Health and Well Being Being an earth sign, you`re know what your body needs to be healthy; but you don`t always do it, which has been a problem in the past. Now, finally, you balance other obligations with these. This isn`t just an achievement, you feel terrific.
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Aquarius: January 20 -- February 18
During 2012, you`ll learn a great deal. While in some cases you`ll know exactly what and why, in others you won`t even recognise activities as being worthwhile. Ironically, what you`re least enthusiastic about initially will, ultimately, add most to your life. This is about broadening your horizons. Hopefully, that awareness will spur you to explore the new and unexpected as it arises and, equally, to get to know those who cross your path. It may not be until late in the year that you recognise how events will fit together, but once you do, you feel more excited than for ages. Love and Relationships Once you understand tense situations aren`t just unavoidable, but could lead to constructive exchanges, you discuss them openly and encourage others to, as well. True, this will take time. However, it`s informative in ways you couldn`t previously have imagined possible. Finances and Work To you, the objective in life`s practicalities is to get things organised as best you can, then leave those arrangements as they are. However, with events forcing you and others to rethink a great deal, changes are inevitable and, ultimately, profitable. Health and Well Being You don`t realise it, but the ways of eating or looking after yourself that what once suited you no longer do. Yet when events or, perhaps, certain individuals suggestion alternatives, you could easily brush off their suggestions. At least explore them. You won`t regret it.
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Pisces: February 19 -- March 20
This year is pivotal for you. After a brief visit during 2011, between April and August, on 3 February 2012 your ruler Neptune returns to Pisces to stay for over a decade. There are few influences more beneficial than the presence of your own ruling planet in your sign. In some cases the results will be instant, boosting your spirits, triggering amazing offers; but others will take longer or be more subtle. Still, gradually you`ll feel more confident within yourself and will notice things fall into place without a struggle. You begin to take chances and succeed. As a result, you soon feel prepared to pursue what once seemed unreachable dreams. Love and Relationships Inevitably the shifts in your own life will bring changes in the balance in most relationship. Often the links will grow stronger; but in those where there`ve been tensions or you`ve been taken advantage of, changes will lead to a healthier alliance. Finances and Work Here, too, Neptune`s influence is wonderful, although initially changes could seem so swift or dramatic that they`re worrying. Have courage and be willing both to leave elements of the past behind and to take chances. This period is about breakthroughs, often in a surprising form. Health and Well Being Even the most exciting of times can be tiring, as you`ll discover. This means both taking time to slow down, if not come to a halt. This allows you to catch up with events; but also, allow others to spoil you. It`s your turn.
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