Monday, January 2, 2012

[] Stress in children - what we can do about it


Stress has become  part & parcel of our life, a normal feeling that everybody feels from time to time. A certain amount of stress can be helpful as it motivates us .Stress becomes bad when it interferes with daily activities, relationships, physical and mental health. Contrary to belief even very young children can experience stress. So how is a parent to know that their child is stressed out

What can parents do?
Parents play a valuable role in trying to keep the harmful effects of stress ta a minimum
Make sure the child gets enough rest
Parents should monitor their own stress levels. They need to be particularly aware when their own stress levels contribute to marital conflict.
Frequent fighting between parents is unsettling for children
Ensure good communication .Kids feel better about themselves when the relationship with their parents is loving and open
Parents should encourage friendships
Children of all ages need time to relax and play
Anticipate potentially stressful situations and prepare your child for them
Let the child know that some level of stress is normal and that it is Ok to feel angry, scared or lonely sometimes

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