Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[] Shops Act - No Exemption 2012


Sub: Hospitals/Clinics/etc., are shops - be like that - work only 8 hours a day - reg
Finally we got a reply from the Hon'ble Labour Minister saying that Hospitals cannot be exempted from the purview of Shops Act. I humbly request all Private Hospitals to behave like any shop in your locality. Work for 8 hours a day. Sundays must be Holidays also.
One complaint that I heard from the children of the first batch students of Trivandrum Medical College (1951 Batch - they had a family get together at Trivandrum Medical College on 27 Nov. 2011) was that their parents were so strict and never had time to interact with them. The Hon'ble Labour Minister has now legally permitted us have better family life now after 60 years. We must be thankful to him.
Dear Friends, it is time for us to cooperate with our wiser leaders and take the much needed rest and have a better family life.
Open your hospitals by 9 or 10 am. Close it after 4 hours for one hour rest. Down your shutters at 5 or 6 pm completing 8 hours work and go home. You can also permit your staff half an hour rest/break for tea and coffe in the morning and evening like bureaucrats in Secretariat and other Govt. Offices. Doctors do not come under the shops act and as you (doctors) cannot work without nurses, you can also join them and make them have a happy tea, coffee or lunch break.
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Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year and very good Shopping Exercises.
We got the rulers we deserve. We must be proud of them.
Dr Kishore Kumar, State Secretary.

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