Monday, January 2, 2012

[] One More Year


This is the year. Your year. This is the year it will happen.
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One More Year

Yup, one more year done hit the door.
And - in due time - I may explore
it's lessons learned, as came my way.
Later on... Maybe... Just not today...

Too much ahead to wanna look back.
Easy to let that year "fade to black."
Brief intermission as new year pends.
I'll let it open... See how it ends...

What works for me may not for you...
All are unique - each with their view.
Life is like art... Whatever its form,
exists to access, en-joy and inform.

So if clay-lump flails, I'll toss aside.
Leave it to soak - next ones applied.
If painting fails... I measure intent
As if investment - in time well spent.

When/if whatever fails to suit me?
Another may like when "suits to a T."
To each their own - to do their way.
I choose to pray, rejoice and give God the Glory... 
Every day.

2012 - by Tim Levin


Peace & Love !!!
Dora Saunier

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