Sunday, January 1, 2012

[] Funny and odd animals!!!


Funny and odd animals

Adventurer Mark Moffett has found the world's biggest insect - which is so huge it can eat carrots. The renowned entomologist discovered the giant weta up a tree and his real life Bugs Bunny has now been declared the largest ever found. He came across the cricket-like creature, which has a wing span of seven inches, after two days of searching on a tiny island. The creepy crawly is only found on Little Barrier Island, in New Zealand. The species was wiped off the mainland by rats accidentally introduced by Europeans.

He's behind you! Meet the world's worst hunting dog. This beagle failed to spot the fox behind him. The dog had strayed too close to a den containing four fox cubs, but their protective parents stood their ground. Naturalist and photographer Mircea Costina captured the scene in a forest north of Montreal, Canada.

A chipmunk appears to be smoking a cigarette.

A sleeping squirrel stretches out on a bench in Central Florida, United States

Louise Bleakly snapped this obese orangutan as it lazed by a tree after over-indulging. The sedentary creature soaked up the midday sun at Taman Safari Park near Jakarta, Indonesia.

A heavyweight squirrel puts its feet up as it gorges on corn. Paulette King bought tiny garden chairs after her garden in Lisbon

A grey squirrel checks out a pumpkin put out for Halloween in the garden of Vicky Freeman in Fareham, Hampshire. The squirrel appears to be trying the pumpkin out as a Halloween costume.

This hippopotamus looks like she is wearing pink boots as she grazes on grass by a riverbank. It is thought the hippo has a skin condition characterised by reduced pigmentation. Photographer Peter Gordon snapped the rare sight in Tanzania.

Hard-working ants lift huge chilli peppers over their heads as they march along on their hind legs towards their nest. The scene was captured by keen photographer Yahya Taufikurrahman, 21, at his home in South Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Nine goats clamber up a tree in search of tasty fruit. Photographer Gavin Oliver pulled over to the side of the road to take a snap after spotting the scene near the Todra Gorge, Morocco

An African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) with two heads and five legs is displayed in Zilina, Slovakia. The seven-week-old two-headed tortoise has been given two names: Magda (left head) and Lenka (right head).

A man walks his goat and monkey while looking for spectators in Lahore, Pakistan, to earn money to support his family

Amateur photographer Balakrishnan Valappil captured this picture of a stink bug in his back garden in Kerala, India.

A chimpanzee enjoys a mouthful of watermelon in his newly renovated habitat at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

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