Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[www.keralites.net] Friends or Lovers


Friends  Or  Lovers
Friends  or Lovers, what shall we be!?
Into  the future I can not see!
But Iam sure that of one we will be
because you are, for certain, the key!
The future is full of unknown things
we never really know what it will  bestow
our friendship is one of those things
never knowing how far it will go!
You are always in my daily thoughts
In the coming week and months
what will the future hold for you and me?
The uncertainty, the development
will  be very exciting for us to see!
Friend are eternal
caring , sharing , lending a hand!
Lover  can be forever
trusting , giving , thinking of each other!
Friends give hugs
and comfort in time of need!
Lover are  affectionate and devoted!
Friends... there are many
Lover...there should be two
True Friends are forever
True  Lovers are for eternity
Friend  or Lover
sometimes it is hard
to tell the two!!!
A very cool  quote.
"Don't  marry the person
you can live with...
Marry the one you
can  not live without!!


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