Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[www.keralites.net] BE BLESSED



You may not have the house, car or job
that you want but you know you are still

You may not have someone to call you
sweetheart but you know you are
still blessed,
worthy and whole.

You may not like the way your body

feels or looks right now but you know
you are still blessed and

You may be achieving slow progress with
your goal but you still feel determined.
You may find fault in yourself and others and
yet, you continue to teach your heart to heal
and live with wisdom, discernment and love.

You may struggle with issues of anger,
resentment, depression or worry
but you know you are too blessed
to be stressed.

You may feel stuck between "when and why" ---
and yet, you remain grateful,
hopeful and proactive.

People may misunderstand you, drain you,
criticize you or ignore you and yet, your self-
esteem, courage and peace of mind
remain in tact.

Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.(- RIG VEDA)
"Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions"

Miss.Shaija Vallikatri Bhaskaran


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