Thursday, December 8, 2011

[] Old Photos- Various Vintage Advts- Part-30


Vintage Indian Advertisements and Vouchers, Early to Middle 20th Century

Carr's Table Water Biscuits

Zam-Buk Medicine 1942

Andrews Liver Salt 1942

Lux Soap 1942

Aspro Medicine 1942

Willard Battery1942

Lux Soap1942

Lifebuoy Ad 1942

Shovna Samarth Lux Toilet Soap Ad1942

Lipton's Tea1942

Macleans Tooth Paste1942

Miller Tea1942

The Lily Biscuits1942

The songs of the movie Station Master Raisahib inGramophoneRecords1942

Phoseerine Medicine1942

Tata Shaving Stick1942

Lactopeptine Medicine1942

Vinolia Rose Soap1942

Wills's Scissors Cigarettes1942

Source: ebay

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