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This is not meant to be religious, nor is it meant to judge, criticize or convince you that my beliefs are right. They may not be right for you, but right now at this time in my life, they are right for me. This is simply an introduction to my personal beliefs. It is not my intention to offend anyone, so please read this with an open mind.

I would prefer to associate with people who never go to church/temple/mosque, but are good people and who are kind to others, than to associate with church-goers/temple goers/mosque goers who are rude and uncaring to others. Its NOT important to me what your religion is, or if you attend divine services or if you are an atheist. None of that affects my life. What is important to me is the person you are and if you are compassionate, honest, loving and kind to yourself and to others. Those are the people with whom I choose to surround myself. And, this is the type of person I wish to be.

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To me, it just seems hypocritical to be kind only when someone thinks others are watching.

If one believes in God, then it would seem they would believe that He is always watching;

not only while one is in church/temple/mosque.

I have difficulty understanding how some people can attend divine services and go through all the outward motions expected by their religion to be a good person and do what they believe God wants, and then immediately upon leaving the building, (a church or temple), go about their lives treating others so badly. Being a good person does not stop when you leave that building. Its important to continue the path youve chosen whether youre in your place of worship or not whether you worship in any way, or not. Being a good person is meant to be a way of life, at all times.

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To this I am Adding a story.

Long ago there was a great king. One night he was sleeping and in his dreams he saw a monk writing something down.Who are you? And what are you writing? the king askedI am making a list of people who love god. In this list there are kings who built many temples, there are rich people who offered great gifts to god, there are monks who prayed to god all their life.

Does my name appear in that list?

I am afraid not.

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Thats alright. I understand. I mostly spend of my time delivering justice, building school and universities, and managing state affairs. I dont belong to that list. the king said. The monk disappeared and the dream ended.

The next night the same thing happened and the king saw the monk making a list. Would you like to know what this list is about? the monk asked smiling.
The king nodded. Well, I am making the list of people liked by god. And o king, your name is at the top.

To me this story represents Karma Yoga. God is best served by doing our everyday duties.

People who entirely focus on rituals to please the God reduce him/her to the level of narcissist.Almost every religion & book on values prescribes people to do good acts.

The Sanatana Dharma - also known commonly as Hindu religion - recommends that people do goodacts without any motive.Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita that one should practice Karma Yoga or do actions without any motive or desire. The reason for this recommendation is simple - while actions are in our control, results are not. Moreover, if actions are motivated mainly by results, one can see a reversal in enthusiasm if the desired results are not met.



Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah.(- RIG VEDA)
"Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions"

Miss.Shaija Vallikatri Bhaskaran

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