Thursday, December 8, 2011

[] Indian Rail Going To Introduce MEMU Trains On Kerala


Indian Rail Going To Introduce MEMU Trains On Kerala

Indian rail going to start MEMU(Main line Electrical Multiple Unit) Trains on Kerala region. The memu will start conquering the railway lines of Kerala by this Onam. Each MEMU trains can occupy 1800 passengers. ie, having 9 bogies with each bogy 100 people can seat and 100 people can stand.

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MEMU will stop each station around 1 minute time althogh in Mumbai it was 20 sec. This train contain both side engines so it can able to start both the directions quickly. It will take to travel from Trivandram-Ernakulam Via Kottayam only 4 hours and Trivandram-Ernakulam Via Allepy only 3.5 hours. There are about 47passenger train service s in Kerala. The memu service can be installed all over Kerala except in Trivandrum-Nagercoil railway line where the electrification is not yet completed. One of the major drawbacks of the Memu is that it does not have toilet in it but railway request to include toilet in the kerala region.

Courtesy: IRCTC. blogspot


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