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[] Health Remove Gallstone Naturally

This is a very useful piece of information, that you may
have not received before. This is very true and it works.
You can 'google'
Dr Lai Chiu-Nan to find out more
about her and the feedbacks of this treatment.

PS: As always, spread good things around, it may benefit someone.

Pictures first, explanation and procedure follows:

1. Liver
2. Common Bile Duct
3. Gallstones
4. Gallbladder

by Dr Lai Chiu-Nan

It has worked for many. If it works for you please pass
on the good news. Chiu Nan is not charging for it,
so we should make it free for everyone.
Your reward is when someone, through
your word of mouth, benefits from the regime.

Gallstones may not be everyones' concern.
But they should be because we all have them.
Moreover, gallstones may lead to cancer.
"Cancer is never the first illness," Chiu Nan points out. "
Usually, there are a lot of other problems
leading to cancer.

In my research in China , I came across some
materials which say that people with cancer
usually have stones. We all have gallstones.
It's a matter of big or sma ll, many or few.

One of the symptoms of gallstones is a feeling
of bloatedness after a heavy meal. You feel like
you can't digest the food. If it gets more serious,
you feel pain in the liver area."

So if you think you have gallstones, Chiu Nan offers
the following method to remove them naturally.

The treatment is also good for those with
a weak liver, because the liver and gallbladder
are closely linked.


1. For the first five days, take four glasses
of apple juice every day. Or eat four or five apples,
whichever you prefer. Apple juice softens
the gallstones. During the five days, eat normally.

2. On the sixth day, take no dinner.

3. At 6 PM, take a teaspoon of Epsom salt
(magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water.

4. At 8 PM, repeat the same. Magnesium sulphate
opens the gallbladder ducts.

5. At 10 PM, take half cup olive oil
(or sesame oil) with half cup fresh lemon juice.
Mix it well and drink it. The oil lubricates the stones
to ease their passage.

PS. 1cup=250ml, ? cup lemon juice=3 lemons (approx.)

The next morning, you will find green stones&n bsp;
in your stools. "Usually they float," Chiu Nan notes.
"You might want to count them. I have had people
who passed 40, 50 or up to 100 stones. Very many."

"Even if you don't have any symptoms of
gallstones, you still might have some.
It's always good to give your gall bladder
a clean-up now and then.


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