Thursday, December 8, 2011

[] Enjoy oranges for good health


Enjoy oranges for good health

Instead of an apple a day, consider an orange a day for good health. Oranges, from fruit to juice, has been a favorite fruit for a long time. Experts say that oranges, grapefruit and other similar fruits have some of the healthiest properties of all of the foods. Oranges have long been considered by nutritional specialists to be among the healthiest foods around.

Health Aspects of Oranges

Oranges are extremely rich in vitamin C as sell as several other compounds that prevent and fight cancer. In fact, oranges have been discovered to contain more than 170 unique phytonutrients, including 30 nutrients which are carotenoids. Compounds of the carotenoid family have been found to combat cancer and other typical illnesses. It turns out that oranges contain some of the highest amounts of carotenoids.
Oranges also contain substances called limonoids. Limonoids are the substances that have been found to give oranges and related fruits their tangy flavor. Limonoids are believed to have anticancer properties; oranges contain a great amount of limonoids.

Why a healthful diet?

A lot of people try to eat a bad diet and then take supplements, like vitamin C pills, to make up the difference. The truth is that you can't really get the same effect as when you actually eat the foods high in vitamin C as part of a healthful diet. This is because oranges don't just contain vitamin C and contain numerous other nutritional substances as well. It is virtually impossible to get all of the nutritional substances in oranges into a vitamin C supplement or other vitamin pill. It makes sense then that you should try to get your citrus supplement in the form of the actual fruit as a part of an overall healthy diet. Oranges don't cost much, taste great and should be considered a valuable part of your diet.

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