Sunday, December 11, 2011

[] Christmas Getting Closer Every Day


So Finally December came and Santa Claus and his helpers have begun to appear around the world. In the run-up to Christmas people decorate houses in the whole area and gather in churches and markets, and shop for prizes. Here are some best pics of pre-Christmas fun from around the world

 1. Mansfield, Illinois

Seven year old Theodore Kemna (right) with a 4-year old sister Penelope on a farm for growing trees in Mansfield, Illinois.

2. London

A silhouette of Nelsons Column in the night sky and the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square in London. Tree-beauty placed in the London area, he choose the mayor of Oslo. Each year Norway sends England a gift of a Christmas tree for the assistance of Norway from 1940 to 1945.

3. Calle

Decorated Christmas tree with house in the village of Calle, near the German city of Bremen. The inscription on the fence Merry Christmas.

4. Sydney

Santa waving from the roof of the building Queen Victoria in Sydney. Santa landed right on top of the building, and then went to the mall to meet the children.

5. Seoul

The Christmas tree of 276 bears in the hotel in Seoul.

6. London

Huge balls on the market Covent Garden in London.

7. New York

Santa Claus in a sleigh in New York during a parade in honor of Thanksgiving.

8. London

Such a lovely face of two-year baby. Alberta Cook went to the children in the cave of Santa Claus in London.

9. Paris

A huge Christmas tree on the ground floor of the shopping center Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

10. Prague

Christmas Tree and Christmas market on Old Town Square in Prague.

11. London

Workers fixing the Christmas lights in Carnaby Street in London.

 12. Belfast

Mannequin fisherman  dressed as a rock-Santa in the Irish Sea near Belfast.

 13. Dresden

Ferris Wheel at the Christmas market at the statue of the Golden Rider in Dresden.

 14. Madrid

Cork under the Christmas lights in Madrid.

 15. Sofia

Girls posing under a tree in the center of Sofia.

 16. Rio de Janeiro

Salute to a Christmas tree, lighting ceremony in Rio de Janeiro.

 17. Fort Worth, Texas

Santa Claus says to 3-year-old Josiah Romero that he was a good boy after handing him a gift in the form of a bicycle on a charitable ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas. The organizers distributed 100 bicycles and raised $ 8 million since the first event held 1997.

 18. New York

Beauty in the Rockefeller Center in New York.

 19.  Vermont

Roger is freshly cutting Christmas tree Ueybl on a farm in Ueldene, Vermont.

 20. London

Christmas lights illuminate the streets of Oxford Street in London.

 21.  Frankfort, Kentucky

Beck sat Matchler 2-year-old Mai Gonzales, 3-year-old Gracie Long 3-year-old Libbys against the wall in anticipation of its release during a rehearsal for a Christmas event at the school Frankfort, Kentucky.

22. Salisbury, England

A photo with long exposure Salisbury Cathedral lit hundreds of candles during the annual procession of darkness to light in Salisbury, England. This service is one of the most popular in the city. It begins in darkness and silence, light candles until the Parish. He served for three nights, the Cathedral of light 1300 candles.

23.  Bangkok

A man dressed as Santa Claus greets visitors aquarium in Bangkok.

 24. Swansea, Wales

Working in a warehouse Amazon Swansea process orders are ready for the busy time of year, in Swansea, Wales.

 25. New York

Shoppers in a shopping center in New York. November 25 in the U.S. Black Friday holiday shopping season kicked off.

 26. Bath

Buyers are looking at the Christmas market goods in Bath.

 27.  England

The three-year Leon Butler goes by as much as bales of mistletoe at the annual auction of mistletoe in Tenberi Wells, England. The ancient Druids believed that mistletoe has magical properties, as is growing, not touching the ground, and without food. Tenberi Wells is the traditional capital of mistletoe for over 150 years. The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe with a wreath comes from the belief that mistletoe brings fertility.

 28. Washington

Barack Obama with his daughters at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Washington.

 29. Washington

U.S. President Barack Obama kindles the tree next to the White House in Washington.

 30. Malta

A man walks past a 7-meter tree of the 2,000 glass balls in the streets of Valletta in Malta.

 31. Nuremberg

16-year-old Francis Handke at the opening ceremony of the famous Christmas market in Nuremberg.

 32.  Bern

The silhouettes of pigeons and a helicopter with a tree on the Swedish parliament building during the annual Christmas tree at the transport area in Bern.

 33. Oberammergau

The woman in the shop of woodwork Tony Baur in Oberammergau.

34. Oberammergau, Germany

Henry Carpenter Tsvink carves figures in the form of a shepherd in his workshop in Oberammergau, Germany. Local tradition of wood carving is most famous in Bavaria, its started in 12th century. However, the carpenters say that this tradition is fading due to lack of manpower and the demand for wooden figurines. In Oberammergau, for example, their are only these 50 workshops, which produce mainly religious figures.

35. Bali, Indonesia

Bungee Jumper in Santa costume jumping from a platform above the beach of Kuta on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

36.  Berlin

Volunteers dressed as Santa Clauses and angels at the annual meeting at the theater in Berlin. The event Komoedie am Kurfuerstedamm organized by the Student Movement Technical University. 400-500 students and university graduates each year attend these evenings in December, and on the eve of Christmas. Thus, students are raising money for their education.

 37. Sofia

People taking pictures of fireworks for the Christmas tree in Sofia.

 38.  Berlin

Frank Knorr in the image of Santa in a seasonal fundraising for charity in Berlin.


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