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[] artist spotlight: judith g. klausner


artist spotlight: judith g. klausner

artist Judith G. Klausner is a Massachusetts-born artist who loves to play with her food, "recreationally and professionally."  her project entitled "From Scratch" turns pre-packaged foods into beautiful and creative works of art.  because cooking for the family is traditionally a job that is given to women, Judith is highlighting that fact that pre-packaged food has, in a sense, given women some freedom from this characterization.
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Embroided Mold
 she aims to bring attention to the fact that both Victorian handicraft and "making food from scratch" – two things that are considered to be 'women's work'- have faded away, and that is not necessarily such a bad thing. the fact that women can just grab a loaf of bread off the shelf in the market instead of spending an entire day baking it gives us freedom that we don't usually recognize.  i know that this is a freedom that i typically overlook and take for granted.
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her use of Victorian handicraft transforms modern packaged foods into pieces of art.  this is an exploration of gender and how female roles have changed over the years. pretty cool, right?

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