Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Re: [www.keralites.net] ‘അമൃതയില്‍ നടന്നത് ഞങ്ങളെ കൊല്ലാനുള്ള ശ്രമം’!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Manesh,
increasing the ratio means they are over loading. this is also exploitation.
why construction workers does not work for rs.100 a day. there is also an excess number of construction workers available in delhi, bangal, bihar etc. because there is some regulation for exploiting them. there are labor laws to protect such exploitation. why there is a centralised law for nurses ?
It is the government's duty to ensure decent wages and working conditions.


Jose S

2011/12/12 manesh kumar <kmaneshm2002@yahoo.co.in>

Dear Mr. Jose,

Thank you for the response.

The Nurse -Patient ratio has nothing to do with the supply. It depends upon how the hospitals want to manage patients with lesser number of staff. They are exploiting the available staff. Even Govt sector is of no exception. 

You might have heard of the comment made by one of the Hospital Officials in Delhi, " As long as Kerala Express arrives Delhi with Nurses from Kerala, we have nothing to worry, and we'll continue exploiting them." 

Before this situation was not that serious. Because at least after 2-3 years of suffering, nurses would get chances abroad. But now the things changed a lot. Opening to US & Europe is almost closed. Nurses now have to find their living mostly in India itself.

It's just human to ensure decent wages & working conditions for nurses. They are also educated, hardworking, and deserve a decent living. 

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