Monday, December 12, 2011

Re: [] Sibal: Hands off our internet freedom!


Relax Ms.juliana EIPE elizabeth. You are over reacting. If you have got problem of rats in your house, will you burn your entire house? There are laws which empower the concerned authorities to book the culprits who misuse the internet. Instead of taking action on that particular person, it is unwise to curb the freedom of other internet users. He has not born as a Minister. We have given him that position. Definitely, it is not for encroaching on the freedom of other fellow citizens.


On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Juliana Eipe <> wrote:

Mr Nandakumar :

RELAX BUDDY......there is a world of difference between Freedom of expression and Characterisation Assasination..........hence what Kapil sibal is advocating or recommending is very much CALLED FOR OF IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR......

ALSO the perpetrators of this gross slandering to put it mildly are EUNUCHS IF U KNOW WHAT i MEAN...why the HELL dont they come forward for a MANLY FACE OFF....the TRUTH IS THEY ARE SO DARPOK THEY HAVE TO DO IT INCOGNITO.......

UWAIT...till similar thrash is sent your way........THEN LETS SEE THIS SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS...




juliana EIPE elizabeth

From: M. Nandakumar <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2011 2:35 PM
Subject: [] Sibal: Hands off our internet freedom!

Dear friends across India,

Kapil Sibal is trying to censor what we can see on the Internet -- he completely overreacted after a website mocked Sonia Ghandi and now wants to block all "objectionable" net content. Let's use the Internet and social media to get Sibal to withdraw his ridiculous proposal. Sign the petition and forward to everyone:

Sign the petition!
Kapil Sibal is trying to censor what we see on the Internet. It's crazy -- we don't live in China, this is a democracy! Let's use the Internet and social media to get Sibal to withdraw his ridiculous proposal.

Kapil Sibal, Telecom Minister, is trying to impose a gag order after a website mocked Sonia Gandhi. Now he wants websites to take down anything deemed "objectionable". What an overreaction -- in England people make harsh jokes about the Queen with no consequences. If enough of us tell Sibal it's his plan that's objectionable, he'll see sense and withdraw it.

A national outcry is building right now. Let's join in and send a clear and loud message to Sibal to grow a thicker skin and admit that we're adult enough to read what we want on the net. Sign the petition, and spread the word over the internet:

This is not the first time that internet freedom in India has been under attack. Just this April, our government issued incredibly restrictive rules that gives it the power to take down any site under vague pretexts like curtailing blasphemy or protecting national security. But this new rule would make internet censorship so much worse it forces internet providers to remove content before its ever seen by the public. This is extreme by any standard -- even many dictatorships grant more internet freedom than this.

Our government claims that this policy will protect India from material that may hurt religious diversity, and from terrorists who may use the internet to organize. But we know that internet censorship also allows the government to clamp down on the right to dissent, organize, and stand up for our rights a keystone of any real democracy.

India has 55 million registered internet users, and together we can ensure that were a voice Sibal and his allies cant ignore. Sign the petition below and forward it to everyone you know our signatures will be delivered to Sibal directly.

Over the past few years, weve witnessed the internets power to galvanize, unify and change society, from the Arab Spring to Anna Hazares campaign against corruption. Weve also seen the crippling effect that internet censorship can have in countries like China and Iran. Lets unite and crush the most powerful censorship threat Indias ever seen.

With hope and determination,

Emma, Jamie, Shibayan, Shivendra, Alex and the rest of the Avaaz team


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