Monday, December 12, 2011

Re: [] ‘അമൃതയില്‍ നടന്നത് ഞങ്ങളെ കൊല്ലാനുള്ള ശ്രമം’!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No student take up a job based on the amount of money they can make out of it.Of course, they expect that studying a particular course will do them good in time. Nobody goes for a course, thinking that they wont earn anything out of it. Expectation is what leads everyone. A person who takes a loan, expects that he can find a suitable job after his course is done, but due to the excessive man power and more number of qualified people, whole ofprivatesector isutilizingit in their favor, because the government does not actually control the private sector.

It is the right of each person to educate himself, but currently , even education has turned our expensive, since a good percentage of our educationalinstitutionshas gone private. So, the financially weak students who are average or just above average in studies, will havedependon educational loans. They take theloanassuming that they will be able to pay it back, mostly unaware of the situation that awaits them after studies. So, what can we do about this?? The only solution will be is to stop the poor from joining any course, because all most all courses are expensivenowadays.

So, in the whole employment market is offering a low salary, what can we expect the people to do. Can we expect them not to look for jobs and sit at home? Everyone needs to live, right? They are taking up the jobs because they are desperate to survive. They are not taking up the jobs thinking that they can live a luxurious life with 3000 rupees that they get.

You and me , being more fortunate should not look down who are less fortunate than us. Nobody has the right to belittle the choice made by others. Gopesh, what actually do you mean by saying to choose the course and career wisely?? It's actually a choice. Choice of individual. Do u mean to tell that no-one should choose para medical course like nursing?? Which other course will you recomment them?? IT?? Then, what will happen is when more people enter the IT field, the pay will automatically go down in the IT field and it will rise in paramedicals due to lack of manpower. So, it's the government that should make sure that there is a balance.After-all, it's for all these purposes that we elect them every 5 years.

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