Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re: [] ‘അമൃതയില്‍ നടന്നത് ഞങ്ങളെ കൊല്ലാനുള്ള ശ്രമം’!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Seems totally strange to me that Madam Sushma Roy is commenting regarding something that she is unaware of. Regarding her claims that RS.5000 is sufficient to live, I find this rather hilarious and stupid at the same time. Madam, if possible, can you please give us a planning sheet as to how to spend this RS.5,000 for a living. Many may find it useful, if you can do that.

I can understand Sushma blaming Kerala for the strikes and harthals.In-fact, nobody support strikes blindly, but mainly based on the situation that lead to the strike and the way they conducted the strike In this case,at-leastthey tried to perform the strike in a way that it will not affect their work and also it is for the betterment of all, the patients, nurses and in case the government agrees for a minimum wage law, then it's going to benefit all of us. If they don't raise their voice, how else do you think they can explain their predicament in front of the world? See Madam Sushma, forget living lavishly, RS.5,000 is not even anywhere close to even think of living, under the current situations in Kerala. How do you think a nurse with a spouse and two children support his/her family?? What about his/her children's education, supporting parents, and otherbasicneeds?? They are human beingsafter-alland got social and financial commitments just like anyone else.

We humans always dream and aspire towards improving our life standards. Almost everyone study and work to increase the standard of living of ourselves and our family. People take loans assuming that they will be able to repay that loan after they get a job worth their efforts. But sadly, we don't have any minimum wage policy in our country. I have seen Mr. Gopesh claiming that setting a minimum wage for our people will bankrupt our country, but Idon'tthink that's the situation. Setting a minimum wage and by associating tax for the pay of each individual through banks can help our government survive. The money lost through corruption in our country will be more than plenty to provide a minimum wage for all the people of our country. Why are talented people in our country moving towards west and other countries? Of course in fetch of higher standards of living. In the west, all most all countries has a minimum wage set by the government. No country had any financial ruin because of minimum wage, the money is always in circulation and government can earn more tax and that means more development.

If our government can't control the price rise and inflation,at-leastthey should increase the pay. The salary people used to receive in the private sector used to be the same 10 years ago and it's the same now. but what about the price of general commodities and living?? Is the people's salary increasing as per the price rise? How will it be possible for us to live in our home land? Result will be that more and more people will leave the country. So, where does the government stand now? Is the government only for the welfare of the politicians??? Has it got nothing to do for the common man. Then, why do we need such a government after all?

Mr. Gopesh, after going through your 3rd and 5th claims, Ijustcan't figure out how people are going to live in our country anywhere if you say that it is really the truth. You said that the government cannot set a minimum wage. If governmentdoesn'tset a minimum wage, then the private firms have the right to do so. And if all the private firms set the minimum wage, for eg:- say 3,000 RS, either the employee will be forced not to work at all and remain unemployed (should they commit suicide?) or they will be forced to strike against government to increase the basic pay ( which u say will bankrupt the FDI). So, where lies the solution???

We people will have to stay together as one for our rights and then the government will stand for us,after-allgovernment is FOR THE PEOPLE.

My apologies for hurting anyone, if I did.

Nishad Alavi

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